What You Need to Know About Working as an Adult Phone Chat Operator

Do you have a knack for acting? Blessed with excellent speaking skills? Can conjure scenarios in your head and tell stories on the fly?

If you have any of the above qualities, then you might want to consider a job working as an operator for adult chat lines!

Why Work As an Adult Chat Line Operator?

While the job description for this role might not be the most glamorous (you’re mostly talking with random men on the phone who are trying to find an outlet for their sexual fantasies, or who are just plain lonely), the job does come with a lot of extra benefits.

First of all, there is a huge chance that your wages will be competitive, or at the very least, way above the minimum wage. Adult chat lines are premium services, and they often charge their callers premium rates as well. Most operators are usually paid by the minute, so if you’re particularly skillful at keeping callers on the line, then your income will also increase significantly.

There’s also the fact that your work times are practically flexible. Most adult phone chat companies only require you to work a set number of hours a week, and it’s up to you when you’ll be able to take calls and work as needed. The majority of calls come late evening and the wee hours of morning (around 2AM-5AM, when most people are asleep), so you can actually take on calls even when you have a regular 9 to 5 job.

Getting Started

To be an excellent phone chat operator, you need to be particularly open-minded (since there might be callers with unusual preferences and fetishes), not get offended easily, and have great listening and speaking skills. Getting into the industry is easy- there are job ads posted everywhere on the net if you know what to search for, but you need to prepare yourself for the demands of the job.

As an operator, you are required to own your own phone line. VoIP calls are also getting traction these days, but most companies still use landline telephones for their calls.

Now these companies have their own computerized telephone system where your calls will be recorded. You are to register your number with this system (usually by dialing a special phone number “code), so that calls can be routed to your line without the caller knowing your real phone number. You enter the code number again if you want to log off the system.

A Few Things to Remember

You are essentially a freelance provider, if you’re in this kind of business. Taxes, healthcare, and other such fees are to be handled with you without help from the company you’re working for.

There’s also a list of topics that are considered taboo and operators are forbidden to discuss during calls, so make sure that you check with the company first and ask for their safety protocols in case you’re with a caller who demands these forbidden topics.

All in all, being an adult phone chat operator can be an extremely fun and financially rewarding job, provided that you have the right mindset for it.

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